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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My Father has been showing up. My father has also my showing up.
My Father, in Heaven is showing up so big time. He's found us church, an amaing realtor and mortgage man. He's found us a house and great schools for our kids. He's blessed us with a Farmers Market and Zumba studio, a garden and art center. Seriously, Lord, you amaze. Did I mention the library?
He is good.
Funny thing....I didn't want to go.

In the interest of full disclosure...Detroit is the only city in the world I said I didn't want to live in.

My grandparents lived about an hour out of Detroit in a city called Richmond.
My grandpa worked for Ford and my grandma was a school secretary.
They discribed Detroit like this:
"We used to go down to Detroit all the time."
"Oh yes, we'd eat at the old Hudsons. What great salads"
"But now it's just too dangerous to go there. I wish we could."

Then, when Grandpa was at work, Grandma would sweap me down to the Eastern Market where Uncle Eddy and my dad used to sell the family's produce on Saturday.

I love the Eastern Market and when I go there, I am reminded of what I think Heaven will be like.
Every smell, color, race. Energy, love, joy, community, history, authenticity. I am certain that I see the Lord there.

I will miss Detroit's Eastern Market.

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