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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Summer has been, no pun intended-really, a whirlwind.
This particular Summer, I was offered a new job with a new company. It happens to be a company I adore and admire.
They are called Family Life Radio and they do ministry and radio beautifully and with excellence. I've been a listener since I was saved in 2003 and learned that there was such a thing as "Christian radio".

In short, we are moving because we feel it's the Lords will. Period.
He's shown us signs, visions and words of affirmation.

The friends who bought me my first Bible and became my Pastors wife and my Pastor, are under the direct supervision of the Pastor who will soon be our Pastor. So our church move is like going to "Dad's house". S-weet.

When we prayed about it (my husband Joseph and I) I saw the Lord (Father) scoop our family into the palm of His hand and set us down gentle as can be just a little tiny bit North.

He has been so faithful to that.
We listed our house on Friday and by TUESDAY it was in the hands of the perfect family who've dreamed about living in our home and playing the the treehouse and working in the garden.

The list goes on and on.

We found a home in Midland in one day and it's perfect and underpriced. They accepted our offer that day.

Sometimes you can see the Lords hand.
Sometimes you can see His FINGERPRINTS!

This is a nitty-gritty dirt in the groves time of life.
It's so beautiful, I could cry.
Maybe I will.

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