The Hurt turned Healing-The Blog Turned Book! Order at

The Hurt turned Healing-The Blog Turned Book! Order at
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Holy first month!

This Yooper has had an incredible week.
The Healing Season turned one month old on Friday(Woot)and I wanted to sort of update you about what the Lord had been doing.
So, in the past month, there has been two book signing/prayer events. One in Saginawsome Michigan, and one in Sterling Heights, just outside the D.

They were each stunning. We saw people being healed and set free. The Holy Spirit just had it's WAY in the middle of Family Christian Books. It was intense.

Last week The Healing Season was number 5 in it's category. That. Is. God.

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the .99 Kindle Birthday Party! That was fun. We should do it again!

The book had the humbling honor of being featured on Intention Living with Dr. Randy Carlson last Friday. You can listen to it here: Thank you to Dr. Carlson for that opportunity. I pray that my story touches and inspires many to be bold in trusting God for His promises and walk by faith.

So...what else? Super cool news, the Iron Mountain Daily News is reviewing The Healing Season
Burt Angeli, thank you. It's coming out next week and when it's up, I'll share links on

What else? Last Saturday, I held the first Healing Season workshop as part of a cleansing and detoxing weekend. My friend, Wendy Brandt of Vibrant Healing invited me to share as part of spiritual detoxing. It was the first time I've shared the Healing Season method with a group and again, God moved in a powerful way. These women GOT it, and that is good news for all of us, indeed. It's not just me and I believe the Lord is moving and wants to heal.

Stuff on the horizon? Well, I'm chatting with a station in Ohio on Monday and spending time with DJ Ginger of Detroit on Tuesday. That should be fun. She's a great interviewer. This is a really humbling time, I'll tell ya. I feel like the Lord is smashing me to dust...and I love it.

Thank you, friends for praying. I need prayers for energy and protection for my family. My daughter starts college in the Fall, so I think you get the prayer request in that! Breathe, Shannyn. Draw your shoulder blades down your back. Let your heart opened. Soften your brow. Focus on your breath. :D

Well, dear one. That's all I've got but a heart full of thanks and a tummy full of coffee.

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Shannyn Caldwell!

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