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The Hurt turned Healing-The Blog Turned Book! Order at
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Monday, October 25, 2010

the first time i saw his face

Sometimes the best thing one can do is to walk right out the door.

It was one of those days. The best I could do was leave so I did. I said "I'm taking a walk" and off I went. It was pouring rain in early October. I was weaping and the tears mixed with the downpour as I cried out on the streets near my home. I didn't even care at that point if the neighbors saw me or heard me or "would talk". I was a wounded animal stumbling and trying to stay on my feet till I could come up with a plan for refuge.

Then I saw him. He just appreared in front of me. Directly in front of my eyes. He should signs of weathering as well. The skin of his face just hung on bone structure. It hung like the curtains around the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. He just peered into my eyes so deeply that I felt like I had turned into the water around us. Then he kisses me. He kissed my forehead, my eyes, my cheeks my tears my chin and mouth and ears and hair. He kissed me with a thousand tiny passionate kisses like a daddy kisses a todler who's fallen hard and has gotten hurt.
I knew this was love.
I knew this was healing.
I knew this was Jesus.

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